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The Worlds #1
Facebook Live Challenge



Improve your Confidence, Consistency and overcome

the fear and judgment of being on camera

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Sept 20th – Sept 25th 2020

How Does It Work?
The Facebook Live Challenge runs for 5 days with a pre-live challenge day on Sunday Afternoon.

The challenge is hosted in a private Facebook Community with many people just like you, who are ready to break the confidence barrier and flex their courage muscles. 

How Much Does It Cost?
The challenge is FREE
What Do I Talk About?
Don’t worry I will give you a topic every single day so that you can focus on gaining confidence during the challenge
Can I Really Gain Confidence in 5 Days?
I don’t promise to make you super confident in 5 days but I do promise, that if you commit to the challenge, your confidence will improve and you will go from anxious to accepting, in just 5 days
Will You Support Me?
The daily task is delivered at 6:30am, I go live to help motivate you every day of the challenge at 11am and we finish with a group call every day at 7PM.

You are NOT required to watch/attend the additional calls but they’re there to help you if you need them

Who is the King of Video

Your host for the challenge is Matthew Hughes, self proclaimed King of Video.

A video creator running a professional global video company for seven years, creating over 1200 videos for clients.
Matt decided it was time to step in front of the camera 3 years ago, he set himself the challenge to go live every day for 90 days and this continued for 6 months, he’s now gone “live” on his Facebook wall well over 500 times

Ready For the Challenge?

Next Challenge

Sept 20th  – Sept 25th 2020

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